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Membership of the IoA offers you the most direct route to a career in Analytics & Data Sceince, and you’ll join the largest professional network of its kind spanning the globe. Membership of the IoA enables communication and collaboration among the Analytics Professionals and entitles you to a range of benefits. The Institute is the Global Professional Body for Analytics Professions in the UK and is considered to be the ‘International Voice of Analytics’. The most valued asset of the Institute is our members, and we currently have almost 4,500 members worldwide. However, we would like to welcome more Analytics & Data Science Professionals / Students / enthusiasts as Members. The larger the pool of Analytics expertise, the richer the communication and collaboration, thus leading to effective sharing of best practice and research findings and subsequent progression within the various fields of Analytics.

Membership of the Institute confers professional recognition of your standing in the industry, allowing the use of the designatory letters. Benefits of membership include :

  • Use of the official designation of the Institute
  • Invitations to all of our Institute networking events
  • Access to our Continuous Professional Development programmes and Online Portal
  • Invitations to our regular Institute Breakfast Briefings where industry experts share their insights, knowledge and experience
  • Access to our job opportunities page, exclusive to members
  • Invitations to our Annual Conferences and Regional Conferences 

Membership Grades

IoA offers different grades of Membership whether you have an interest in improving your skills in Analytics, are starting out in the profession or are already an experienced professional, there’s an IoA membership grade designed for you.

Individual membership of a professional body enhances your status with colleagues and employers alike and helps you stay ahead of the competition. By joining IoA, the Global Body for Analytics, you are publicly demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and your own continued professional development. Attend our knowledge and networking events, become a part of our extensive volunteer community and receive recognition as an Analytics Professional.